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Stretch Film

Products Bg - SRIPL

Stretch Film

SRIPL high performance, machine grade stretch films provide both high strength and high stretch. They’re specially manufactured to stretch up to 300%, depending on the gauge. This enables more pallet loads per roll to be wrapped, using less film, resulting in the lowest cost per load. With high performance film, the more it is stretched, the more the film recovers to hold loads tight and prevent product damage. To ensure optimum film performance, SRIPL high performance film should be applied at high prestretch levels by SRIPL power prestretch equipment. Our machine grade film line consists of one-sided, two-sided, differential cling and ultraviolet inhibiting cast and blown films.

Machine Grade Films

Silent Tough One-Sided

This three-layer, one-sided cling blown film combines the strength properties of blown film with the silent unwind and clarity of cast film for superior performance.

Cast Film

SRIPL five-layer cast films provide excellent clarity and quiet delivery. Formulated with a state-of-the-art resin mixture, this “true” one-sided cling film eliminates loads sticking together in transit, while providing excellent strength at prestretch levels up to 300%. The high clarity of cast film makes it an excellent choice for applications using bar code scanning equipment.


Machine Grade Stretch Film1 - SRIPL
Machine Grade Stretch Film3 - SRIPL