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Corner Edge Protection

Products Bg - SRIPL

Corner Edge Protection

Angleboard™, Edgeboard™, Reddi-Pac, METWRAPP™


Angle Board - SRIPL


Angleboard material is made from multiple plies of laminated paper- board that are glued, treated and formed into rigid right angles of exceptional strength.

Find dozens of benefits with Angleboard, including:

  • Cushions package edges against hard knocks
  • Improves stacking strength. Saves space. Stacks loads higher during storage and transportation.
  • Protects loads against stretch wrap and strap indentation
  • Provides an opportunity to use less stretch wrap or fewer straps, reducing overall packaging cost
  • Replaces expensive wood as in crates and skid tops
  • Available in standard leg lengths and thicknesses or can be custom-made
  • Facilities higher applied tension for superior load stability

Long Length Protection - SRIPL

Long Length Protection

Every time a product is handled, it is at risk of incurring damage.  Angleboard used in conjunction with strapping or stretch film, helps create a tight, secure shipping cube to contain loads and prevents damage due to shifting during shipping and handling.

Edge protection - SRIPL

Edge protection

Angleboard provides a buffer between the load and strapping to permit high tension without damage. Reduces indentation caused by strapping.

Stacking Strength _SRIPL

Stacking Strength

Angleboard reinforce loads to stack higher for maximum utilization of warehouse space. Reduces product damage from crushing in stacking applications.

Unitization - SRIPL


Unitization with Angleboard reduces product damage incurred during shipping, handling and storage. Improves profits by reducing customer rejection and optimizing transportation and handling costs.

Outer Diameter protector - SRIPL

Outer Diameter protector

Outer diameter protector protects the fragile outer edges of paper rolls, foils etc., from handling and transportation damages. Available in standard lengths and thickness or can be custom made

Inner Diameter Protection - SRIPL

Inner Diameter Protection

Eye protector provides protection from “C” hooks, strapping, chains and various other handling products. Eye protector can also be made to customer specifications.


Angle Board Specification - SRIPL

Angle Board Specifications Chart - SRIPL



Reddi-Pac products are manufactured with laminated paperboard and help prevent product damages that can occur during shipping and handling. Reddi-Pac is an excellent replacement for wooden crates that are shipped overseas – providing superior strength and protection for almost any application

U-Board - SRIPL
Reddi-Crate - SRIPL
Jumbo-Corner - SRIPL


U-Board_table - SRIPL
reddi-crate_table - SRIPLjumbo-corner_table - SRIPL


Edgeboard - SRIPLEdgeboard Advantages

Edgeboard is manufactured from polylefinic materials reinforced with cellulose fiber and wrapped for finish and strength. Edgeboard resists moisture making it ideal for over seals shipment by sea and for wet climates. Edgeboard prevents load damage caused by constant rough handling and transportation allowing loads to arrive at their destinations safely and intact.

Features & Benefits

  • Withstands moisture to protect products in adverse condition
  • Sturdy construction enables corner board to be reused
  • Can be fabricated by easily nailing, stapling or by applying screws

Available in wide range of cross section, ideal for variety of applications


edgeboard_table - SRIPL

METWRAPP™ – Virgin polypropylene bubble guard sheet®

Specifications and range

METWRAPP - SRIPLMETWRAPP is available in two varieties.

 Two layer bubble guard sheet is specially designed for top sheet and inner dia applications to take the shape of the product. Ensures product protection and aesthetic look of the pack.

Three layer bubble guard sheet is designed for side disc application. The stiffness and rigidity provides the necessary cushioning required.


  • The range is available in 2 or 3 layers
  • Bubble dia 8 mm
  •  2 layer – supplied in lengths up to 40 Meters. Width ranges from 800 mm to 2 Meters
  • 3 layer – supplied in sheet form of maximum length 4 Meters and maximum width 2 Meters

 Color options:

 Standard: grey, blue, green and black

 Supply of any other color will be based on approval and minimum order quantity for each color is 7,000 Sq. Meters

Features and advantages

METWRAPP is manufactured from polypropylene. It has a two or three layer structure with either one or both the surfaces with plain sheet and a middle layer of bubbles that are thermoformed and welded on the plain sheets to form a homogeneous structure. Bubbles have a high contact area. This provides high compression resistance and also equal strength in all directions.

  • 100% polypropylene – rust proof
  • Higher thickness provides necessary cushioning effect
  • Precut side disc sheet of 1.8 meter dia as a single sheet
  • Light weight and no sharp edges – safe to use
  • Cost effective
  • Oil free product
  • Better adhesion of tape


metalwrap_table - SRIPL